Time Efficiency

Your time matters

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We believe your time is precious, and made a simple tool to capture and analyze it.


Create as much activities as you need to be successful

Mesure sessions

Measure sessions so you can track your activities

Edit reports

You choose the period, we give you the report. You can export the data so you can reuse it in your favorite spreadsheet

Name sessions

Name your sessions so you know exactly what happened.

Edit timing

You forgot to measure ? You need to edit a session. Fine.

More Features

More features are about to come. Get ready !

Why people use it ?

Measure efficiency, time allocation, and remain focus

Productivity and efficiency

How much should I charge your client ?
How efficient was I in this activity ?
Is it comparable to others ?

People can get answers.

Time allocation

What was my time allocation last week ?
How do I spent my time ?
How does that evolve ?

People can also get answers.

Remain focus

Multitasking makes life harder. Counting one activity at a time helps to achieve goals and prioritize for success.

A lot of individuals love this.

Why it's the best

We will reuse your date format and currency, no matter where you are.

We believe user interface is key to such a tool. We made it simple, accurate and precise. You can navigate in your activities with a simple scroll. Start and stop with one tap.

  • All your data is stored on your device. No-one can access it
  • You can terminate the app but your timing remains safe
  • Exporting data is easy and fast
  • Easily adaptable to each context

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